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 For Your Business. For Your Clients. For Your Corner of the World. 


Your Mission Matters.

It's Time to Stop Making Excuses for Your Website.



Sitting behind that blank SquareSpace site, writing.. deleting... writing... deleting.

It's a lot of pressure - writing a website free from jargon, that makes you stand out, and powerfully communicates what you do!

We're here to help you move towards your dream of doing your purposeful profession full time.

The first step is creating website content that inspires the right visitors to take action.

√ No more making excuses for your half-done website. Instead, it's "GO CHECK ME OUT!" 

√ You run into someone who wants to refer a client to you... and you proudly point them to a website that converts.

√ You're actually DOING the work you came here to do, instead of trying to get an MBA in marketing.

Your first step to bringing in higher-paying, SOULMATE clients is a website that WORKS.

Let's hang that OPEN sign!



Pour a Coffee and Learn About Our Process


We do way more than just write words that sound good.

We are a team of conversion copywriters who excel at helping the right visitors take the right actions.

What do you want your visitor to do?

 √ Book a complimentary call?

√ Get on your mailing list or download a freebie opt in?

√ Schedule a trial class?

√ Donate to your cause?

√ Feel safe enough to call your hotline? 

Websites that work are about creating trust and inspiration on your behalf. 

We excel at taking generic missions and purposes ...

... and  translating your purpose into words into compelling, irresistible, brand-driven powerhouse copy.

To do that, we break copy into three phases:


Phase 1: 




Your brand voice - all your weirdness, quirks, and gifts - is what makes people say YES! At the end of this phase, you'll know EXACTLY what makes you stand out.

Phase 2:



Hot hint: A great website speaks the VISITOR'S language. By the end of this phase, you'll know exactly HOW to talk about what you do in a way that hits home.

Phase 3:

Level Up!


Web content that WORKS! At the end of this phase, you're be IN BUSINESS and attracting soulmate clients (that understand your value and easily pay you).


"If you're like me and want your website to reflect your unique spirit, Catalyst Design Lab is your greatest asset!"

Julia Armet, ACC, ELI-MP, Founder of Higher Playbook

"I now have an easy way to get clients to say YES."

Alan Samuel Cohen, Speaking Coach and Mentor

All tied up with incredible white glove service.


We know you're doing incredible things.


We LOVE helping the helpers, more than anything on earth.


Catalyst Copy Lab is here to make sure your visitors are as inspired as you are.

You become one of the team as we walk you through one fun, streamlined, adventure in creating web content that 's as inspiring as you are.

Hello, next level, purpose-driven, mission-on-fire website ignition. 

We're rooting for you all the way.







Let's do this.


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Hi, I'm JJ. Catalyst Lab Creative Director and Copywriter Coach, At Your Service!

You're ready to uplevel. I see you! The power of your work just isn't reflected in your old website and copy.

  Look, I'm a trained life coach with over 10 years as a practicing coach AND business coach. I've got 15+ years of copywriting + marketing experience, creating 5-figure launches, high end offers, and courses. 

I know how eager I was to get into business, and be able to scale, and GROW. 

I wanted to focus on coaching, creating group programs and joint ventures that would get me out of my exhausting career.

I've taken ALL the courses, so you don't have to get another MBA. 

All you have to do is let us get this done for you, so you can focus on what you love most.

You're In the Perfect Place if... 


√ You're ready to just GET IT DONE and hang that OPEN FOR BIZ sign.
√ You're done taking courses to figure out how to do all this
√ You're willing to trust the experts and our process!
√ Having an AUTHENTIC, unique voice on your site is a priority to you
√ You value work-life balance
√ You believe that having a successful business means making the RIGHT investments that have a direct ROI

We might not be the best fit right now if:
√ You're not quite clear on what you do - sometimes we need a quick session with a biz coach to sort that out first!
√ You kind of want to turn this over... but you also kind of don't.
√ You're a staunch DIY'er who won't be happy unless you really did write it yourself ; ) (Raises hand - I relate)

Not sure? Let's hop on a call, and I can help you decide if this is the right investment for your biz right now with my Copy Ready Checklist!

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Alan Samuel Cohen, PCC

Speaking Coach and Mentor

Write Your Story

Speak Your Story

Get the Gig

"Before I reached out to JJ, I wanted to add new services to my stack. I wasn’t nervous in the least to invest in JJ’s writing, and had complete faith in her based on her reputation and knowing her a bit beforehand.

I knew Catalyst Design Lab was the right place for me because I could trust JJ to be of her word. I was wowed in other groups she has lead, and knew that she “got” coaches, and me.

My favorite part about working with Catalyst was JJ’s vibe, and how she over delivers. She is also super fun, insightful, and wise. A combination of talents I admire in anyone with whom I partner.

As a result of working with Catalyst, I now have great sales pages to take someone through, to help me close more business.  Even before the pages went live, I was able to use them with prospects, resulting in one great client signing on right away. Made the sales process super easy. I now have an easy way to get clients to say YES."

(3 Full Sales Page Copywriting by JJ Carolan of Catalyst Design Lab; gorgeous design by Work With Delphi)

Julia Armet, ACC, ELI-MP, Founder of Higher Playbook


"Prior to partnering with JJ, she had been on my radar. I had told myself, "When I'm ready to take my business to the next level, I want her on my team." The time has come, and it's been an absolute pleasure!

I've now worked with JJ on multiple projects, including video scripts, website copywriting, and brand strategy. JJ's creative brain and deep care to understand your vision comes through in every step of the process. She and the Catalyst Lab Co team take a strategic approach to ensure your brand is set up for success. I personally loved the whole process of connecting with my brand voice and having JJ there with me to lend a blend of directness, inspiration and guidance.

If you're like me and want your website to reflect your unique spirit, Catalyst Design Lab is your greatest asset!"