Branding with Archetypes



Crystal Clarity on Your Unique, 100%, Totally-YOU Brand Voice and Personality


There’s a unique part of you that many business owners mistakenly believe they have to hold back.

During our Mini VIP Day, you’ll discover your Brand Archetypes -  yes, plural archetypes-  which unlock the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that’s a client-attraction and opportunity magnet.

  • You crave having a brand that captures your unique spirit, personality and passion, positioning you to powerfully stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd.
  • Your Brand Archetypes make it fun and exciting to¬†express yourself¬†authentically in all of your marketing
  • You feel aligned and confident about your brand and how easy it is to powerfully and¬†sincerely stand out from the crowd¬†

Rhonda Vinson, Breast Cancer Survivor Coach

"I was floored by the Brand Archetype assessment! I had no idea what to expect, but I was blown away by the accuracy of the results! I now feel like I've been seen and validated and I can now communicate my message in a way that feels true to me...and not "salesy" at all.
I can now speak in my authentic voice with confidence knowing that I will attract the clients I am meant to work with."

The Key to Client Attraction is Leaning Into Your Hidden Parts and Knowing What You Stand For. 


Here's the real truth: You need to be powerfully in love with your business, its message, and your brand voice so that people can fall powerfully in love with it, too.

(Hint: This means getting edgy and showcasing the weirdest, coolest, most unique parts of you that have been hiding under the desk.)


So Much More than an Assesment. It's the Guiding Light of Your Brand.

Free, online Archetype quizzes just aren't thorough and nuanced enough to truly capture your business' essence. For most of my clients, free online quizzes have left them more confused than anything.

We need to reveal your complexity - not just your one Archetype that a quiz spit out at you (Hello, there are only 12 archetypes, and do you want to be one of only twelve? Didn't think so.)

We'll reveal your Signature Archetype that powers your communication, purpose, and personality to your readers.

 We'll also unearth your Influencing Archetype - the personality that gives your brand color, dimension, and that magnetism that customers crave.

Together, your Signature and Influencing Archetype create a complex, unforgettable Brand Personality Fingerprint that draws in clients who need exactly that unique business in their lives.

Your Unique Brand Archetype Fingerprint 

Your Brand Archetypes will bring out the most irresistible parts of your personality (yes, even the ones you are still hiding a little)!

You'll discover your Signature and Influencing Archetype for a Brand Voice that reflects your complexity as a human and business owner.

Evocative Brand Words to Simplify + Clarify Writing

Once you've revealed your Brand Archetype Blend, you'll create a list of brand words to guide your copy, social media, and blogging. 

Using these Brand Words is like a beacon to your potential customers. They telegraph, "Hey! What you need is right here!"

Clarity On Your Clients' Cravings, Finally! 

Clients that are attracted to your unique fingerprint in the market have a specific craving.

It might be to feel special and love. It might be to feel challenged and pushed out of their comfort zone. Once you understand your Brand Voice, you'll know how to fulfill their cravings in your social media, marketing, and delivery.

Jill Salayi dePalma, North Hill Executive Coaching

"I found the Brand Archetypes to be much more revealing than I thought it would be. I had never thought about my brand energy as attracting like energy, but it makes perfect sense to me now. . .
I now have killer copy for my signature program -- yay!"

What's Included in our Branding with Archetypes Intensive?  

Branding with Archetypes Assessment

You'll take the eerily-accurate Branding with Archetypes Assessment and unlock the secret of what's unique and powerful about YOUR voice. Once you uncover your Signature and Influencing Archetypes, you'll understand EXACTLY why clients are called to your brand.  

2 HOUR 1:1 Workshop for Coaching

You & I will get together for coaching, mentorship, guidance, and a huge dose of being seen and heard. 
For 120 minutes, we'll meet on Zoom and explore your Archetype Personality Fingerprint in a deep way!

You'll Also Get:  

Your Client Craving Statement and Brand Promise

Your Playbook will help you use your Brand Voice in a practical way. You'll develop a Brand Promise and a Client Craving Statement to help focus and guide everything from your social media posts to your sales pages.

Brand Personality Journal

For guided note taking, insights, a-has, and other revelations, you'll receive a digital Brand Personality Journal. My clients LOVE this at-a-glance Brand Personality reference guide!

Meeting Recording

As you integrate and practice using your Brand Personality, you'll come back to our Workshop Recording again and again to get even more nuanced, more bold, and more authentic! 

Digital Archetypes Deck

Your Archetypes will serve you for the life of your business! You'll receive a beautiful digital 12- Card digital deck so that you can refer to your Signature and Influencing Archetypes again and again. After 10+ years of working with my Archetypes, I still refer to these almost daily!

I'm JJ, and I believe Energy Attracts Like Energy. 

I know what it's like to feel hesitant about your business. When I started out, I was full of doubts and "Um"s.

But I knew at my soul level that my work was powerful and life-changing.

Hesitant brands attract hesitant clients. Clients that hem and haw about your fees (so how could you ever raise them?) They postpone sessions. They don't do the work in between.

A powerful voice attracts powerful clients. The ones that make you look good because they do the work (and then tell all their friends how amazing you are).

When you pair the power of Branding with Archetypes + almost two decades of online business and marketing experience from yours truly . . . 

You get a business-changing experience that unlocks clients and opportunity - and, authenticity.

Who Is Brand Voice Love Affair For? 

Hell Yes

  • Service providers like coaches, therapists, massage therapists
  • Owners of brick and mortars like yoga studios
  • Energy healers, spiritual businesses
  • Not-for-profits and organizations with a mission
  • Course creators
  • Makers - from Etsy Shops, to Organic Granola 

Maybe Next Time

  • You're using your business powers for evil
  • Giant money hungry corporate conglomerations
  • Anyone who needs to control the process of self-discovery (Sounds weird, right?)
  • You don't have the time to do the pre-work or make the workshop live. I'll offer it again!
  • You hate personal development and don't believe your business is a vehicle for growth and expansion

Let's Put the "You have to stand out from the crowd" myth to death. 


How much pressure is that idea - that there are 500 other people in your industry you "have" to be different from.

It's impossible, and it's silly. And fosters the idea of competition in spaces where a rising tide should lift ALL boats.

The truth is so much easier. Breathe it in with me - easier.

If you're a brand out there doing good in the world, like a coach or other service provider, it's unlikely that a potential client is out there comparing 20 coaches. You're not bargain patio furniture. 

Here's what's real: All you need to do is resonate deeply with the 1 person who has discovered you. To speak to them and their heart. To be a beacon for the readers and potential clients who need to feel safe and reassured in your space - because you are exactly you.

You get to be effortlessly memorable and magnetic to the right clients . . . and it starts here.

Personality Drives Business.


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