Every "Great" You Admire (or Envy) Started Their Business with Personality and a Shoestring Budget.

If you're an entrepreneur (congrats on being a rare breed!) then you've likely fallen into the world of "musts".

You MUST have a website.
You MUST have a funnel.
You MUST niche, have a lead magnet, produce content across 15 platforms daily, hire an assistant before you're ready, blog, vlog, and do reels. 

You love their business, you love your purpose - and you do not love marketing. And who can blame you?

A hodgepodge of internet superstars have been telling entrepreneurs to "Follow this formula and do exactly what I did to make 6- figures!".

There's a fatal flaw in the "Follow this formula exactly" trap. You are not them

Clients attracted to YOUR Brand Archetype blend want something different from "theirs". 


Not a formula, not a course, and definitely not AI (NO robot can mimic YOU).

The great news is this: YOU are the shiny object, and my eerily-accurate, game-changing Branding with Archetypes will reveal exactly the hidden, brilliant parts of you that your business needs to thrive.

Hi, I'm a "Maverick" with a strong dash of "Romantic"!

My business was chugging along just fine for over a decade - but every 3-4 years I would get the itch to tear everything down and start over. 

Exhausting and ineffective, but I was craving something. I didn't know that was until I learned my unique Brand Fingerprint - Maverick with a dash of Romantic. 

I'd never felt so seen.

Since then, all decisions are so simple.

My copy. My graphics. My services stack. How I relate to my clients. How I set boundaries. 

That was the first year I finally broke through my income plateau.

 Why? I finally was crystal clear on how to communicate to attract the kinds of clients who need my brand identity. 

And I stopped attracting clients that drained my energy, time, and resources.

The best part? I finally got to fall madly in love with everything about my business, and I've never looked back. We're best friends.

Brand Personality. It's a love affair. With yourself, first.

Here's What You'll Have When We're Done:

"B" is for BRAND PERSONALITY  is an investment that will serve the life of your business. We're in a serious "teach an entrepreneur to fish" situation.

By the end of our time together you'll have:

  • Your Unique Brand Archetype Blend, rooted in my secret weapon Branding With Archetypes Workshop
  • 1:1 90 Minute Brand Identity Workshop
  • My fillable Brand Identity Journal to capture the insights and ideas that will be spilling out of you
  • Your Ideas Book Prepared lovingly by me, covering how to use your Brand Personality in:
    • Blog content
    • Social Media pillars
    • Lead Magnets
    • Services Stack
    • Service Delivery
  • A 30-minute Follow Up 1:1 Session to review your Ideas Book and plot your first next step!

Meh Brands Attract Meh Clients, or Worse. None.

That's why we start with Branding with Archetypes - not just another "online quiz" where you get to be one of 12 archetypes. Not so different, is it?


Let's Get Branded!

This proprietary approach required me to get licensed to use it with you. It's that special.

√ You'll understand not only your Signature Archetype, but your Influencing Archetype as well, giving depth and room to evolve to your brand.

√ You'll understand your brand promise, and most of all, exactly what clients need and expect from a brand fingerprint like yours.

√ You'll know how to play to the strengths of your brand identity and how to look out for the shadow side, too.

Branding with Archetypes will drive your copy, your customer journey, your lead magnet, your course creation . . . it's the engine of your business.

If You Want to #ServeLikeHell, You Need a Solid Brand Foundation. Business

Your Inner Brilliance Drives Your Business. It's That Simple. 

Call to mind ANY personality you admire. Marie Forleo. Brene Brown. Elizabeth Gilbert.

 You might think they didn't invest in brand personality until they already were making their big money.

Nope. They invested in brand personality in order to  know how to leverage their natural personality strengths, in order to grow. 

They're magnetic because they do things their way, right from the start.

We are all drawn to the real dealSo what's yours?