You know you're gifted at what you do. Your clients rave about you. There's no doubt you are making an impact and can make an even bigger one.

You have a head full of amazing income-generating ideas, and if you had the skill set, you'd be taking your brilliance from "lightbulb moment" to "on-the-page-enrolling-clients" in no time flat

Darlin', you're sitting on a treasure chest of impact, income, and clients you love.

The key to unlocking your dream business IS The Sales Page.

Even better: Sales page skills translate to your social media, blogs, opt-in pages . . . 

Learning to write a sales page is the foundation for ALL Writing for Business.

The Sales Page Made Simple

Learn to write your own compelling, magnetic sales page that will have dream clients nodding "Yes, yes, YES!"

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Cost to hire a copywriter: $1997+

Learn to write your own lucrative sales page: Just $297

You Deserve To Have The Power To Generate Income When You Want.

Here's What Happens When You Can Get Your Gifts on the Page - In a Way Your Ideal Clients Can Hear.

The Power To Turn Ideas to Income

You have the power to launch your service, course, program, group, or offer whenever you want. 

Fast Turnaround - Hello, Launch On Demand.

You get to take your offers from idea to execution in no time flat - because you don't have to hire me.

Writing That Converts - Sincerely.

You know how to write to attract the type of client you desire - without manipulation or sleaze.

Meet JJ, Overworked Mom Turned Successful Copywriter.

Once upon a time 14 years ago, a girl had her first baby - and got slammed with post-partum depression so hard. She knew she couldn't keep up the 60 hour work week, being on the road, and trying to see her baby. Something had to give.

With nothing more than an idea and sheer willpower to make it work (failure was NOT an option) she took a leap and started her first business. 

She rapidly realized that the only way consistently make an income was to harness the power to write her own copy instead of relying on others' turnaround times.

Empowered with the skill to create a sales page, she went on to create several (B2C and B2) businesses, courses, group coaching programs, and most importantly - a life with the freedom to ramble in the woods.

That's why she's passionate about creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to learn writing for business at a fraction of the cost of hiring her 1:1 to do their copy for them.

Here's What You Get:
(Besides THEE #1 Skill that is

Directly Tied to ROI in Your Biz)


You'll do some heavy lifting before we get to our workshop! Practice the pre-work that must be done before writing a sales page, every. single. time. Sales is 80% prep!

($497 value)

Live Workshop

2 live hours of a do-along workshop. We will work through each section of a sales page together, so you can ask questions and get feedback in real time. 

($997 value)

Fillable Workbook

Keep your sales page research and writing organized in this fillable workbook. You'll be able to use it for the life of your business to generate income on demand.

($197 value)

Sales Page Template

The plug-and-play template that you'll use make your offers come to life any time you want. Welcome to consistent biz income!

(Absolutely freakin' priceless)

Cost to hire a copywriter: $1997+

Learn to write your own lucrative sales page: Just $297

Let's Write My Sales Page!

Here's What Some of My Former Students and  Fabulous Entrepreneurs Have Said:

Lisa Botwinick

"JJ gives you a step-by-step approach to a “Sales Page” so you completely understand and know where to start, create the middle, how to end, and how to enroll your participants!... I can't wait to create my sales page now!"

Noel Csermak

“JJ, your authentic, no BS approach is a draw every time! You are able to provide concise, relevant information and feedback that helps to keep me excited about my journey and the journey I can provide for my clients.”

Denise Fountain

"As a life coach and lifelong learner, I've taken many courses over the years, and these are among the best. She has a natural talent for

making  challenging learning fun, and never, every dry."

What Happens After You Click The Magic Button? 


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 "But JJ, I'm Not A Writer!"

I'm going to tell you this from the 15+ years of writing for business under my belt, because I love you and you need to hear it:

If you cannot write your own sales pages you are leaving money on the table.  

Even if you plan to hire out eventually, there will be times you need to throw together a landing page or sales page without waiting on a copywriter's timeline.

It's crucial - and completely do-able - that you're able to do that in a way that generates leads and clients.

You don't need to be a writer to assemble a sales page

You only need to be a badass business owner who understands their ideal client

I will walk you step-by-step through writing a sales page, with tools you'll use for the life of your business. I got you.

Why Will This Work For Me? 

You know what doesn't work for me? Endless programs, bloated with too much stuff that I can't even use for months. What do we want? Sales pages. When do we want them? NOW!

Experienced Teacher

I've been teaching copy skills to hundreds of entrepreneurs for 10+ years. I got this.

Keep It Simple

You don't need to know everything under the sun. This is a 101 that you can do right away.


Self-study can't deliver feedback - the #1 most important element to being a better writer.

I'd Love Nothing More Than for You to Join Me in My Judgement-Free, Learn to Write Zone!


Things People Ask Me (And My Answers)

You're welcome to email [email protected] and I'll give you my honest take on if this is the right course for you right now.